Mother Earth, Don’t Leave Me!

Human activities all around the world have damaged the ecosystem. As we damage the ecosystem, our environment changes and for the most part, not in a good way. One of the effects of all the destruction we’ve caused to Mother Earth is what is called global warming. To better understand what global warming does to the Earth, my brother, Meeko, and I have come up with a little experiment that shows why we should start thinking green.

The experiment involves making a replica of the Earth, or at least, part of it, inside a plastic container using clay. On one side of the plastic container, green clay is used to represent land, while blue clay was placed everywhere else to represent the sea. The green mound of clay was considerably higher than the blue clay, which represented the sea floor, to allow for water to be added. This was for added special effects, as I like to call it. Once the water has been added, ice was then placed on the other side of the container to represent the North/South Pole. Lastly, the plastic was sealed off and left in a sunny area.

The Result:

The ice has melted, causing the water level to rise. This left only a portion of the “land” above the water. Now, imagine this happening in real life, but with a lot more ice at a much faster rate. That’s pretty much what is happening right now from all the news I’ve been seeing online.

Why Global Warming is Happening:

One of the causes why global warming is a problem right now is pollution, specifically air pollution. Air pollution is caused by the burning of fossil fuels that release huge volumes of carbon dioxide, as well as other harmful gases into our atmosphere. They are collectively called “greenhouse gases”. A list of these can be seen below. Sources of greenhouse gas emissions are motor vehicles, agricultural activities, and industrial processes.

Greenhouse Gases:

  • Water Vapor,
  • Carbon Dioxide,
  • Methane,
  • Nitrous oxide,
  • Ozone,
  • Chlorofluorocarbons,  and
  • Hydrofluorocarbons

I know. I don’t know most of these gases myself either. But, I do know how these gases cause global warming. In essence, greenhouse gases trap the heat we acquire from the sun right here, on the surface of the Earth, and in recent years, increased human activities have doubled, or maybe even tripled the amount of these greenhouse gases we have in our atmosphere. This means that it is a lot hotter today than it was in the past, and is continually getting hotter. To make things worse, some of the greenhouse gases destroy the ozone layer, which keeps us safe from the sun’s harmful rays. So, not only does greenhouse gases keep the heat from leaving, but they also intensify the heat the earth absorbs from the sun. This was represented by the plastic container that was used in the experiment that I mentioned earlier. It lets heat in, raising the temperature of the air inside the container, and keeps the warm air from escaping.

Now, with increased temperatures, the ice present in the North and South Poles, as well as the areas near these locations, melt, which, in turn, causes flooding in certain parts of the world. This also causes tropical storms to increase in strength, which, living on an archipelago, is a big deal. So, yeah. Global warming is a growing to become a major problem for us. What can we do about it? Well, we should turn to the trees. Why? Because, as we all know, trees, or plants in general, help in decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. They also keep the ground we walk on solid, preventing landslides from happening. But, even though we know this, we still see forests disappear, which brings me to another cause of global warming, deforestation. Simply put, if we continue to cut down trees without replacing them afterwards, we might see our only home go down in flames, if you know what I mean.

Of course, nobody wants this to happen and I’m no exception. And on the positive side, we can do something about the current state of Mother Earth. As I’ve said before, we have to think green and make sure that whatever we do or buy is eco-friendly. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s better than the Earth becoming the next Mars.


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