Plants Rule!

The beauty of this world lies in nature, and part of nature is plant life. Plants are found almost everywhere in the world, from the deepest parts of the ocean, to the highest places on land. You just have to know where to look. Seriously, you can’t miss it. I mean, they’re mostly color green. Anyway, plants supply all living things with the oxygen that anything, or anyone, so desperately needs. They are also a source of food and provide shade from the sun’s heat. They make our surroundings beautiful as well through the various colors of their flowers and leaves. In this blog, I’ll be writing about the different types of plants that exist in the so-called Kingdom Plantae and their defining characteristics.

There are about 260,000 species of plants on Earth and they are classified into two groups: the non-vascular plants and the vascular plants. Non-vascular plants lack vascular tissues that transport food and water throughout the entire plant body. Examples of non-vascular plants are mosses, algae and liverworts.

Vascular plants, on the other hand, can survive in areas with limited water supply. The main difference of vascular plants from non-vascular plants, if it wasn’t that obvious, is their complex body structure that consists of a network of vascular tissues. Examples of vascular plants are trees, flowers, grass and fruit-bearing plants. A lot of the plants that we see in our everyday lives are vascular plants.

As I used to take care of a few potted oregano, I enjoyed learning and writing about this kingdom and how plants differ from each other in more ways than I previously known. I thank God for adding plants to this world for not only providing us oxygen and the necessary nutrients to survive, but for also making this world a more vibrant place to live in.

Your boy,

Seth Martin


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