Hello. Who Am I Speaking To?

So, I’ll be writing about how to answer calls on the telephone in a good manner. When the telephone is ringing, you must wait for the phone to ring twice before picking it up. It is always good to start the call with a simple hello. If you don’t know your caller is, it is not rude to ask “who am I speaking with?” If you’re the one making the call then it is only right to introduce yourself. You should ask why he/she is calling. If you don’t know who the caller is asking for, do not hang up without saying “sorry, wrong number”. If your caller is asking for someone other than you and that someone is not home, you should politely tell the caller to call again. Be sure to to tell the appropriate time to call again. Once you and the caller come to an understanding, you must politely excuse yourself or the caller will excuse himself/herself. Do not hang up first, it is polite to wait for the caller to hang up first before you.


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