Against All Odds Ft. Meeko Martin

What is up? So I’m going to try something totally different. How? Well, this post will also be available in Meeko’s blog because this, right here, will be a joint session wherein we both play and review a game we found online. It’s entitled “For the King!” and it’s this awesome tabletop action role-playing game where you get to take control of three warriors of different classes as they set out on an epic adventure to stop the kingdom from being overridden by Chaos. Yes, Chaos, with a big C.

Now, the game revolves heavily around a brutal probability system and roll-the-dice mechanics that can turn a good run into living hell to play through. Believe us when we say this, but we’ve been there and it was not fun. Not fun at all. Anyway, it so happens that Seth and I are learning probability, so what better way to learn than to play a game all about it! So, get your game face on, as we fight ogres and skeletons, all while playing with Lady Luck herself!

So, the game starts you off with character selection. We’re given three characters to work with, each with interchangeable classes. After a bit of deliberation, the team we decided to go with is a blacksmith, an archer, and a minstrel. We were then given a bit of a backstory and our main mission for the entire play-through. As progression here is quest-based, we instantly started on getting to where we needed to go, slaying monsters here and there. It was a breeze for the most part , but as it dragged on, the game became more and more challenging staying alive. Chances of success started to look slim as everything we did took a dark turn. We started getting the worst rolls in critical moments, and for each time, we paid the price in full. Alas, we struggled and squirmed to no avail. We finally lost, with all characters dead, after about 15 minutes of playing.

Now, that was anticlimactic, huh? Well, it was, but who’s to say that that was a waste of our time? As a man once said, “It is through failure, we learn.” Looking back at what we could have done better, we should have stuck with the safer choices, the ones that had a higher success rate, and avoided those that had a lower chance of succeeding. Also, maybe if we had invested our time and efforts into win-win scenarios, then maybe, maybe we could have survived longer. Simply put, we should have paid attention to the odds and weighed the consequences before choosing. Because if you think about it, a number of small success with high chances of success outweighs the few high pay outcomes where we were more likely to fail. Boom! Probability! Anyway, me and Seth overall had a blast fist–pumping the air when we succeeded in a number of quests, as the game can get pretty intense at times, making the trek to the finish line all the more worth the effort.

So there you have it. In putting this joint session to a close, me and Seth would just like to recommend the game “For the King!” if you’re looking for some tabletop madness without having to pack up afterwards.

Until then,

The Martin Brothers


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