Master Plan Ft. Meeko Martin

It’s time for another joint session with my brother, Meeko. So, expect this to appear in his blog as well. This time, it’ll be to present a business plan of an online software that will help local coaches and swimmers nationwide. It even has its own clever, which we can’t wait to reveal. So, sit back, maybe get something to eat, and let’s go. We can’t wait.

Target Market

So, the people we intend this online application to benefit are, as we’ve said earlier, local coaches and swimmers. From our knowledge, there are about 20+ clubs in officially recognized by Philippine Swimming Inc. (PSI), each with a coach or two and 20 – 30 registered swimmers. Oh, by the way, PSI isn’t the only organization present in the Philippines, which means there is a considerable number of coaches and swimmers here in the country. We can’t give an accurate count, as there isn’t any official census.


What our web application can provide to both coaches and swimmers is an online platform where they can look up information about registered coaches and swimmers. This would include personal information, if allowed by the coach or swimmer, official swimming records, and other important data that would help in describing the target individual. Think of it as an online database to be populated with coach and swimmer records. But, wait. There’s more. Coaches can add new data and are able to see the progression of their swimmers, which is what they can use to adjust their training regiments accordingly.

In addition to the services mentioned above, our web application would also provide an avenue for the target market when registering for both local and international competitions. Gone are the days of manually filling up forms and having surrender the payment for registering to a local office. Everything can now be done online with our web app. In short, we are making available to people a much more convenient option when signing up for competitions. Las

Marketing & Sales

In marketing our web app, we would start by putting up social media pages. We then move on to setting up advertisements to shown during swimming competitions. Partnering up with PSI is also part of our marketing strategy, since we will basically replace their current registration process with online registration, which our web application will be handling. As for sales, we initially intended to keep it free. However, if we are to partner up with PSI, then we will be taking a bit from their registration fee for the maintenance of the website. It’s only fair since we host their annual registration process.

As for what we’ll name the web application, we decided on the name RISA, which is short for Rapid Information System for Athletes. Where we got inspiration for the name is actually a funny story. You see, we wanted a cool-sounding acronym, just like how the fictional Tony Stark has JARVIS, his personal AI. So, after a while of brainstorming, we finally settled on RISA. It’s an easy name that’s sure to stick.

Financial Projections

As we’ve said earlier, both swimmers and coaches will need to register on a yearly basis. This registration isn’t exactly free so we’re expecting about PHP 500 per registration to be used in maintaining the web application. This will be taken from the registration fee that each applicant is required to pay, which, including the PHP 500 maintenance fee, is a total of PHP 1300. A fitting price for complete access to RISA, a tool that can be used to bring local swimming to the next level.

So what do you think? Did we kill it or what? Hope you liked our idea. If not, we are open to suggestions. We know we’re not masterminds so room for improvement in our master plan is to be expected.

Until next time,

The Martin Brothers



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