Somewhere Along The Line, I…

I don’t know with you, but drawing calms me. After a hard day of swimming, you just need something to fall back on, you know. So, yeah, drawing helps me think, reflect. Anyway, on to the main point. So, I learned about parallel and perpendicular lines. And one day, I got up, got a paper, and just went to town putting a bunch of them randomly. Just whatever felt natural to me. Perpendicular lines there, a bunch of lines parallel to each other next to it… That sort of stuff. Here’s what I ended up with.

So, what is it? To be honest, I don’t know what I drew, or why I drew it the way it looks on paper right now. I told you, I just did it because I felt like it. But, for the sake of making this entry interesting, I’ll give my thoughts about it, and maybe find the reason why I drew what I drew. It can’t be that hard. I mean, I’m the one who created the drawing in the first place. Right?

At first glance, I instantly feel boxed in, like I’m trapped, but the colors I used tell me otherwise. That even if I may be trapped, I make the most of what I got here with me in an effort to be, well, free. But, then again, looking at the shape of the overall structure, maybe I wasn’t trapped, and just restricted.

Maybe this isn’t the whole picture, that there’s more past the boundaries of the paper. That maybe it wasn’t a cage, box, etc., but something that frees both mind and body. I know what you’re thinking. That’s a lot of maybes. But, didn’t mankind’s greatest feats start from a maybe. Maybe I can make this better. Maybe I can soar like eagles can. Maybe I can reach for the stars. Maybe I can become the next, great athlete who’ll win it all.

It all starts with an idea, a dream, a voice in your head saying “Maybe I can…” And once you come into grips with that dream of yours, once you’re sure that maybe it is possible, maybe I can do it, then that’s where it all begins. That’s where… Wait. I could have sworn I was talking about lines a second ago. When did I verge off?

Well, that’s for me to figure out… the next time I’m free to do so.

Until then, food for thought.

Your boy,

Seth Martin


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